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October 23, 2016  

Hey kids! This time, Paul and Sully get together, chat about what's new (some really exciting stuff!), Sully gives a nice trans finish recipe, and then we answer a whole bunch of listener questions. Shop tantrums, learning from others, the fashion business that is our industry, the genius of Frank Falbo, the dreaminess of Kevin Equitz, one of our favorite movies; it's all here!


October 15, 2016  

This week Paul talks with Andy Birko, an experience CNC machinist, who specializes primarily in OEM necks, fretboards, and bridges for acoustic makers. He also knows what a bandura is. Don't ask me, I still have no idea.

Our guest:

October 8, 2016  

Tune in for another delightful episode where Paul and Sully answer listener questions about endorsements, assembling parts guitars, guitar builds that seem to fight you every step of the way and more!

Song: Passos Mortos by Bad Pig
October 1, 2016  

Sully chats with guest (and Luthierist Podcast listener!) Brian Nutter of Nutter Guitars. We talk about how he got started playing and building, his time playing guitar in Keith Urban's band, and so much more!

Song: Country Radio by Unbreakable

September 24, 2016  

Is it "Proh-cess" or "Prah-cess?" Now that we've got that out of the way, enjoy this episode with Sully's favorite Canadian, Mike Potvin. In this episode, Mike talks about getting ready for The Holy Grail Guitar Show, he shares some tips for working in a small shop, they discuss the magic that is an Italian Beef sandwich, as well as how to cultivate a solid Canadian accent.

September 17, 2016  

Sully interviews Dennis Mollan of Pro Tone Pedals on this episode of The Luthierist Podcast. We talk about fan engagement on social media, finding artists to work with (including a REALLY great Jason Becker story), making the most of your mailing list, and more! Oh, and Kathy in Accounting really DOES love your band. 

September 10, 2016  
This week, Paul and Sully drink and read questions from the Facebook group. Some of the things yammered on about are compensated nuts, determining the focal point of a build (how crazy do you go?), generating sales/establishing oneself when starting out, picking up influences from friends, what beers pair best with our respective models, and so much more! Will it be valuable, thoughtful insight? Probably not, but let's all try to get through it, eh? 

September 4, 2016  

This episode is sponsored by Dr. Gary's Goiter Tonic 

Paul and Sully are back and answering listener questions! It's more fun than it sounds, we promise. 

August 27, 2016  
Tune in (if that's still a thing) while Sully chats with Willy Houston, owner of Rocket Pickups. We talk about what he's up to as well as his time at Charvel/Jackson, Yamaha, and Warmoth. Enjoy!

Our guest: Rocket Pickups

Your host: Sully Guitars

August 20, 2016  

We just barely scratched the surface in our conversation with Wire Instruments' Earnie Bailey this week, he's a guy that definitely has a lot of stories to tell. But if you aren't familiar with who he is or his work, have a listen and get into it. We talk about Earnie's background and life leading up to becoming a guitar maker, life on tour with a few bands you might've heard of, and some of the cool stuff he's got in the works.

Your host: Rhoney Guitars


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